Ottawa, ON - Mayfair Theatre
Opening August 4

Fort Collins, CO - Lyric Cinema Café
Opening August 11

Baltimore, MD - Parkway Theatre
Opening August 11

Grand Rapids, MI - Celebration! Cinema Grand Rapids North
August 11 - August 12

Mt. Pleasant, MI - Celebration! Cinema Mt. Pleasant
August 11 - August 12

Okemos, MI - Studio C! Meridian Mall
August 11 - August 12

Portage, MI - Celebration! Cinema Crossroads
August 11 - August 12

Houston, TX - Alamo Drafthouse Mason Park
August 16 - One night only!

Columbus, OH - Gateway Film Center
Opening August 18

Salem, MA - CinemaSalem
Opening August 18

Seattle. WA - Grand Illusion Cinema
Opening August 18

San Diego, CA - Digital Gym Cinema
Opening August 25

Silver Spring, MD - AFI Silver Theatre
October 7 - One night only!

From executive producer Ben Wheatley (Kill List, Free Fire) comes a mind-bending British psychological thriller to sit alongside such classics of the genre as Nicolas Roeg and Donald Cammell’s Performance, David Lynch’s Lost Highway and Christopher Nolan’s Following.

Chris is a homicide detective called to London to investigate a strange double murder. Both victims appear to have continued moving towards their assailant despite multiple gunshots to the face and chest. On a hunch, and with the help of an old colleague – and former girlfriend – Chris decides to go undercover as a patient to investigate the suspect’s psychotherapist, the mysterious Alexander Morland, who has a taste for the occult…

The debut feature of writer-director Gareth Tunley, starring Tom Meeten (Sightseers), Alice Lowe (Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place) and Dan Renton Skinner (Notes on Blindness), The Ghoul is the latest standout addition to a thriving new wave of British cinema.