Williamsburg, VA - Kimball Theatre
July 15, 19 & 28

New York, NY - Museum of Modern Art
August 1 & August 6

Montreal, QC - Cinema du Parc
August 25 - August 27

Brea, CA - Brea Plaza 5 Cinemas
September 1 - September 2

Simi Valley, CA - Simi Valley 10 Cinemas
September 1 - September 2

Temecula, CA - Temeku Cinemas
September 1 - September 2

Cary, NC - The Cary Theater
September 2 - One night only!

San Jose, CA - Camera 3 Cinema
September 21 - September 23

Louisville, KY - Kentucky Science Center
October 13 - One night only!

Cincinnati, OH - Esquire Theater
October 6 - One night only!

Clovedale, CA - Clover Theater
October 7 - One night only!

Spokane, WA - Garland Theater
October 17 - One night only!

Toronto, ON - Fox Theatre
October 26 - One night only!

Nantucket, MA - Nantucket Dreamland
October 29 - One night only!

Kingston, ON - The Screening Room
October 31 - One night only!

Olympia, WA - Capitol Theatre
October 31 - One night only!

Columbia, SC - Nickelodeon Theatre
October 31 - One night only!

Denver, CO - Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Sloans Lake
November 8 - One night only!

Seattle, WA - SIFF Cinema Uptown
November 8 - One night only!

Brookline, MA - Coolidge Corner Theatre
November 18 - One night only!

Memphis, TN - Malco Summer 4 Drive-In
November 18 - One night only!

Past Cities & Theaters

Akron, OH - Nightlight Cinema

Albuquerque, NM - Guild Cinema

Amherst, MA - Amherst Cinema

Anchorage, AK - Bear Tooth Theatrepub

Ann Arbor, MI - Michigan Theatre

Asheville, NC - Grail Moviehouse

Atlanta, GA - Plaza Theatre

Austin, TX - Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Village

Baton Rouge, LA - Manship Theatre

Bethlehem, PA - ArtsQuest at Steelstacks

Boston, MA - Brattle Theatre

Brooklyn, NY - Syndicated Theater

Buffalo, NY - North Park Theatre

Burlington, IA - Burlington Capitol Theatre

Cape Ann, MA - Cape Ann Cinema & Stage

Carlsbad, CA - Cinépolis La Costa

Champaign, IL - Art Theatre Co-Op

Chandler, AZ - Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Chattanooga, TN - Chattanooga Film Festival

Chicago, IL - Music Box Theatre

Chico, CA - Pageant Theatre

Cleveland, OH - Capitol Theatre

Columbus, OH - Gateway Film Center

Dallas, TX - Texas Theatre

Davenport, FL - Cinépolis Polk

Denver, CO - SIE FilmCenter

Detroit, MI - Cinema Detroit

Duluth, MN - Zeitgeist Arts

Durham, NC - Carolina Theatre

El Paso, TX - Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Montecillo

Fort Collins, CO - Lyric Cinema Café

Fort Wayne, IN - Cinema Center

Gainesville, FL - Hippodrome Theatre

Goshen, IN - River Bend Film Festival

Grand Rapids, MI - Celebration! Cinema Grand Rapids North

Honolulu, HI - Doris Duke Theatre

Howell, MI - Historic Howell Theatre

Iowa City, IA - Bijou Film Board in partnership with FilmScene

Ithaca, NY - Cinemapolis

Jacksonville, FL - Sun-Ray Cinema

Jupiter, FL - Cinépolis Jupiter

Kansas City, MO - Screenland Armour Theatre

Kitchener, ON - Apollo Cinema

Laguna Niguel, CA - Cinépolis Laguna Niguel

Lakeland, FL - Polk Theatre

Lancaster, PA - Zoetropolis Art House and Theatre

Los Angeles, CA - Cinefamily

Lubbock, TX - Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Miami, FL - O Cinema Wynwood

Milwaukee, WI - Avalon Theatre

Minneapolis, MN - Landmark Uptown Theatre

Montclair, NJ - Cinema505

Mt. Pleasant, MI - Celebration! Cinema Mt. Pleasant

Nashville, TN - Belcourt Theatre

New Orleans, LA - The Broad Theater

New York, NY - Cinépolis Chelsea

New York, NY - Metrograph

Norfolk, VA - Naro Expanded Cinema

Okemos, MI - Studio C! Meridian Mall

Oklahoma City, OK - Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Omaha, NE - Alamo Drafthouse Cinema La Vista

Pasadena, CA - Laemmle Playhouse 7

Philadelphia, PA - Prince Theater

Phoenix, AZ - FilmBar

Pico Rivera, CA - Cinépolis Pico Rivera

Pittsburgh, PA - Hollywood Theatre Dormont

Pleasantville, NY - Jacob Burns Film Center

Portage, MI - Celebration! Cinema Crossroads

Portland, ME - Nickelodeon Cinemas

Portland, OR - Cinema 21

Portland, OR - Laurelhurst Theater

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - Cinépolis Rancho Santa Margarita

Richmond, VA - Bijou Film Center

Rome, NY - Capitol Theatre

Salt Lake City, UT - Tower Theatre

San Diego, CA - Cinépolis Del Mar

San Francisco, CA - 4-Star Theatre

San Francisco, CA - Roxie Theatre

Santa Ana, CA - Frida Cinema

Santa Fe, NM - The Screen

Santa Monica, CA - Aero Theatre

Schenectady, NY - Proctors

Sioux Falls, SD - Indievents

Stamford, CT - Avon Theatre

Tacoma, WA - Grand Cinema

Taos, NM - Taos Center for the Arts

Tempe, AZ - Harkins Valley Art

Thousand Oaks, CA - Cinépolis Westlake Village

Toronto, ON - Fox Theatre

Traverse City, MI - State Theatre

Tucson, AZ - Loft Cinema

Tulsa, OK - Circle Cinema

Vancouver, WA - Kiggins Theatre

Vicksburg, MS - Strand Theatre

Vista, CA - Cinépolis Vista

Washington, DC (Silver Spring, MD) - AFI Silver Theatre

Wayne, MI - Phoenix Theatres State-Wayne

Winston-Salem, NC - a/perture cinema

Yonkers, NY - Alamo Drafthouse Cinema


Fifteen years before Stranger Things combined science-fiction, Spielberg-ian touches and 80s nostalgia to much acclaim, Richard Kelly set the template and the high-water mark with his debut feature, Donnie Darko. Initially beset with distribution problems, it would slowly find its audience and emerge as arguably the first cult classic of the new millennium.

Donnie is a troubled high school student: in therapy, prone to sleepwalking and in possession of an imaginary friend, a six-foot rabbit named Frank, who tells him the world is going to end in 28 days 06 hours 42 minutes and 12 seconds. During that time he will navigate teenage life, narrowly avoid death in the form of a falling jet engine, follow Frank s maladjusted instructions and try to maintain the space-time continuum.

Described by its director as The Catcher in the Rye as told by Philip K. Dick , Donnie Darko combines an eye-catching, eclectic cast pre-stardom Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, heartthrob Patrick Swayze, former child star Drew Barrymore, Oscar nominees Mary McDonnell and Katherine Ross, and television favorite Noah Wyle and an evocative soundtrack of 80s classics by Echo and the Bunnymen, Tears for Fears and Duran Duran. This brand-new 4K restoration, carried out exclusively for this release by Arrow Films, allows a modern classic to finally receive the treatment it deserves.